Past Business Citizens of the Year


In recognition of a lifetime of achievement of a member of the community who meets the following criteria:

  • Must be a resident of the Greater Peterborough Community;

  • Has played a significant role in the Business Community;

  • Has involvement in the broader community.

As the Chamber of Commerce is a Business-to-Business organization, the role and lasting impact that a nominee for the Business Citizen of the Year Award has had in the Business Community is extremely important.  The Chamber of Commerce also recognizes the importance of volunteerism within the broader community. 

1998: Erica Cherney

1997: George Elliott

1996: Mae Smith

1995: Beth McMaster

1994: John MacDonald

1993: Fred Anderson

1992: Jane Dudas

1991: Isadore Black

1990: Tod Willcox

1989: Elizabeth Farquharson

1988: Walter Murphy

1987: Jim Coghlan

1986: Vic Henderson

1985: Helen Willcox

1984: Douglas Vaisey

1983: Gordon Holnbeck

1982: Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Matthews

1981: Peter Adams

1980: Stan McBride

1979: R.K. Armstrong

2018: Morris Cox

2017: Peter Blodgett

2016: Stephen Kylie

2015: Haig Kelly

2014: Mary LaRocque

2013: Tim Barrie

2012: Michael Skinner

2011: Dan Stanford

2010: Mary-Carolyn Hart

2009: David Wills

2008: Doug Armstrong

2007: Bill Lockington

2006: Don Vassiliadis

2005: David Morello

2004: Daryl Bennett

2003: Nick Lalani

2002: Carl Oake

2001: Dan McWilliams

2000: George Mitchell

1999: Peter Norris