Customer First


In recognition of a business or organization that demonstrates consistent top quality customer service, ongoing employee training and is able to provide examples of being friendly, honest, innovative, approachable and, as well, their community involvement.  Customer testimonials are strongly encouraged (maximum 5).


Please complete the online form below (Parts 1 and 2) OR Download the Self-Nomination Form.  For customer testimonials, please include in the form below, email to or deliver to the Chamber.     


  • Carefully read the criteria

  • Complete every section, making sure your answers directly related to the criteria.

  • Be specific. Include facts and figures.

  • Pretend you are writing this for someone who has never heard of the nominee. Help us get to know them by including as much detail as possible.

  • Check the full list of categories. (You can apply for up to 2 categories!)

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, May 22nd at 4:30pm
Early Bird: Submit your nomination by Wednesday, May 8th at 4:30pm for a chance to win 2 tickets to the event on October 16th plus a $100 gift card for the Chamber Member restaurant of your choice!

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The following information is required, as JUDGING WILL BE BASED ONLY ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDED. Judges will assign a score (0-3) for each section. The more thorough, comprehensive and/or informative the application, the higher the potential points score. DO NOT include links. Note: The nomination may be penalized if your answers are significantly under or over the prescribed word count. The Chamber reserves the right to contact the nominee to verify facts.


We’re all working really hard all the time, but to be told that what you’re doing is at a high level and it does bring excellence is pretty rewarding, so I think the staff found it very uplifting.
— Amy Simpson, MicroAge Technology Solutions, 2016 Customer First Award Recipient