"It was awesome…it was a great opportunity for us to extend our brand to Peterborough."

Steve & Heidi Stewart
The Brickhouse Craft Burger
2016 Hospitality Award Recipient

"I know I work really hard at this, and I just thought it was really cool that someone recognized it." 

Mike Doherty
Dohjo Muay Thai & Fitness
2016 4-Under-40 Profile Recipient

"To be told that what you’re doing is at a high level and it does bring excellence is pretty rewarding, so I think the staff found it very uplifting." 

Amy Simpson
MicroAge Technology Solutions
2016 Customer First Award Recipient

"We really want to encourage the development of the skilled trades, and the recognition of the skilled trades, so that award means the world to us."

Craig Mortlock
Mortlock Construction
2016 Skilled Trades Award Recipient